River Springs Church partners with Iglesia Bautista Tabernáculo de Reunión of Aibonito, Puerto Rico.



In 2008, our relationship began as a God-appointed partnership. With no prior ties or family connections, our two churches joined forces as a response to God’s calling. The Student Ministry of River Springs Church was led to serve on a mission trip. While an international trip was not feasible, God pointed us to Puerto Rico. After months of phone calls and emails to churches in Puerto Rico, Pastor Miguel Madera of IBTdR welcomed us with open arms and an equally eager heart to serve his community. Pastor Miguel traveled to South Carolina to meet us, and from there, our summer mission trip of 2009 was officially booked.


What began as an opportunity for students to serve in missions while experiencing and embracing a new culture turned into a missions relationship available to everyone. Serving in Puerto Rico looks like a number of things:

  • Door to door evangelism

  • Host site maintenance and repair

  • Senior Citizen ministry

  • Private home repair

  • Neighborhood parties and events

  • Free yard sales and barbeques

  • Meal provision

    and much, much more! The possibilities are endless. Over the years, providing these service and ministry options has created neighborhood and personal relationships within the community. Community members know us, and we look forward to seeing them, hugging them, praying with them and helping them with their individual needs.


    The devastation caused by Hurricane Maria will leave a lasting impact on Puerto Rico. We have been working to help our sister church regain use of its building, as well as provide relief supplies and repair/construction work in the community. Thousands of homes still have tarps for roofs.


    Adults and students alike can serve in Puerto Rico! We are independently partnered and can organize a trip whenever someone is led to go and serve. As Pastor Miguel says, “There are 10,001 things to do,” and the need for workers is on-going. Serving in Puerto Rico will change your life as much as it changes those we serve.

If you want more information, please contact Heather Crosby at or (803) 446-5005.