JULY 2019

Joining students of River Springs Church were members of Concord Fellowship Baptist Church of Columbia, SC and college students from Columbia International University. Teams worked together to host a block party in a housing development, evangelize in the community, continue work to repair damaged homes in the community of San Luis, continue work on the church, and minister to those at El Campito senior citizen day program.


Heather Crosby lead a team of multiple groups to assist in rebuilding homes and communities in Aibonito, PR. Former RSC member Tim Raymond brought a group from First Baptist Church of Savannah, TN. Faculty member Michelle Raven brought a group of Columbia International University students and members of Concord Fellowship Church of Columbia, SC. Working together, both groups rebuilt two homes in 5.5 days, ministered to the community, and provided a free catered lunch to an entire neighborhood. The love of Jesus was shared unconditionally and helped restore hope to families who had lost it.


Members of the Student Ministry of River Springs Church, accompanied by Student Minister Heather Crosby, Pastor Jimmy Parris, and former members of RSC who now attend Church of Adams, TN, completed service work in Aibonito, PR. A community member’s home had its repairs started, another’s painted; ministry was completed at the senior center El Campito, and the water line was run to the church building after having no water for 315 days.

APRIL 2018

After power was restored to the pastor’s home 6 months after Hurricane Maria, a disaster relief team from River Springs Church, including former members who now attend First Baptist Church of Savannah, TN and Church of Adams, TN, came together to repair the church building and minister to the community.