Greetings friends, 

I hope that you are having a great week. I just wanted to take the opportunity to remind you about the playground work day coming THIS SATURDAY. See the details below, but please make your plans now to join us at 8 am on Saturday.

Please make plans to join us Sunday as we open up the Book of Ezra together. Come for coffee at 10 am. Worship starts at 10:25.

In Christ,

Pastor Jimmy

Playground Work Day
Thank you so much to all who were able to come Saturday the 8th for our first Playground Work Day. We are having another playground work day THIS SATURDAY.  Beginning at 8:00 am, we'll put down and spread new mulch over the over the playground. This will be a big project, so many hands will make the work light. Bring gloves and hard rakes if you have them. Please make plans to come to support our Children's and Preschool Ministries. Reply to this email with questions.

We Need Your Help 
Are you serving or looking for a place to serve in the Preschool Ministry? Please join us for a brief meeting after worship on Sunday to discuss our current rotation and/or to get involved. 

Snack Pack Food Drive - Oct. 6
October is National Hunger Awareness Month and we partner with AmerisBank to collect Snack Pack items through Food Drives at multiple locations every weekend in the month of October. AmerisBank matches item-for-item that is donated at the Food Drives for our Rich/Lex 5 School District Snack Pack Program. Because River Springs Church volunteers during the Food Drive we will get a two week supply of snack pack items a month to help with the schools we sponsor – Dutch Fork MS, Dutch Fork HS and Spring Hill HS. We will be volunteering by handing out flyers and asking the community to donate items needed at the Ballentine Walmart on Saturday October 6th from 9:00am-12:00pm. It’s an easy process, no experience needed – just a friendly smile to engage with the community. We need a minimum of 6-8 volunteers to work the 3 hr. slot or if we have more we can split the shift according to how many volunteers signed-up and each work less time. If you can serve any amount of time during the River Springs Church timeslot please contact terry@riversprings.org to sign-up. Thank you in advance for your heart to serve - feeding hungry kids!

Connect with Us - Text Messaging
Staying connected is very difficult, but it is very important. Would you be interested in receiving periodic text messages about important events in the life of the church? We're trying a new text messaging system and would love for you to be a part of it. If you are interested, text RSC to 84576 to automatically sign up. Or, click here to sign up online.

Don't forget to Give to River Springs Church
Your tithe is an act of worship. Even if you can’t make it on Sunday, you can give online.  
Weekly Budgeted Need:    $ 3200.58
Received This Week:         $ 1629.00

Missions Survey - 2018
Are you interested in Missions? We want to hear from you. We are asking everyone to take a few minutes and complete this simple survey about missions as we look to increase participation with various mission opportunities. You can go online at this link RSC Missions Survey 2018. If you would rather fill out a paper copy of the survey, please take one from either the Welcome Station in the lobby or the Information Table at the back of the big room. When you have completed a paper copy please give it to Terry Adkins or Pastor Jimmy Parris so we can consolidate the information.
Some of you have gone on a mission trip locally, in the US or Internationally. Some of you have never done a mission trip, but want to or plan to someday. Our challenge to you is this: Take the first step. Take a walk in another man’s shoes. Encounter Christ as you serve. Do something that scares you. See what God is doing in other parts of the world. Trust Jesus. Ask the Lord what He wants from you.
We are all called to the Great Commission. Jesus said, “Go into all the world and make disciples of all nations," and River Springs Church wants to help you fulfill this calling and take the next step in missions. If you have any questions, contact missions@riversprings.org. Looking forward to serving with you wherever God leads us.

Join "The Story"
During 2018, we are joining together to read through the Bible. And then on Sundays, I'm bringing messages from the previous week's readings. If you haven't already started, today is a good day to get involved. The Google Calendar is available by clicking here

Every week, in this space, I will put a link to Sunday's worship setlist for anyone interested. This week's list is available here via Spotify playlist, or here via jimmyparris.com.

"The Story" Readings - 9/19 - 9/25                 
9/19 - Haggai 1-2   9/20 - Zechariah 1-4  9/21 - Zechariah 5-9  
9/22 - Zechariah 10-14  9/23 - Esther 1-5  9/24 - Esther 6-10
9/25 - Ezra 7-10

This Week @ RSC                 

Wednesday Evening     Students; Lifegroups; Kidventure
Saturday - 8:00 am       Playground Work Day
Sunday - 10:25 am        River Springs Worship

On the Horizon 
SEPTEMBER 22ND: Playground Work Day (New Mulch)
OCTOBER 6TH 9 AM-NOON: Snack Pack Food Drive - Ballentine Walmart
OCTOBER 20TH: Camp Kemo - Haunted Hotel
OCTOBER 30TH: Trunk or Treat
OCTOBER 31ST: Love Your Neighbors Night 
NOVEMBER 10TH: Lunch on the Lawn (Corner of Hampton & Huger)