What is a Brie Bag?

Brie Bags were created by a group called Naomi’s Circle here in the Midlands. The group started to help mothers who have miscarried or had a stillborn birth. A couple of ladies who had lost their baby, through a very difficult time, realized their baby was so tiny that they didn’t have anything to dress their son or daughter in to take pictures or be buried. In memory of losing a baby girl name Brie, the Brie Bag was created to help other families with the same tragic loss.

Each bag contains a book to help with the sorrow of a pregnancy loss, a brochure on Naomi’s Circle support groups, 2 newborn baby hats and 2 tiny cloth diapers made especially for him or her, and one set for the family to keep. River Springs Church hand makes the drawstring bags, 2 diapers and 2 hats with knit material that is sensitive to no damage the baby’s skin. These bags are distributed to all of the birthing floors at hospitals in Columbia. Naomi’s Circle is hoping to extend this service funeral homes in the future as well.

Ways you can serve…

We need help with sewing the drawstring bags, 2 diapers and a blanket. We need help with making tiny hats, which are made from soft knit material where no sewing is required. We need people who can sew with a sewing machine, who can tie ribbons, cut fabric, fold and pin diapers and assemble bags. We encourage the whole family ages 4 and up to come and help as there is something fore everyone to do. With the guidance of a student or adult, our youngest children can serve by sorting blanket squares and making a design with them so they can be sewn together.

Donations Needed

  • Safety pins, size 2

  • Baby Flannel fabric (pastel colored without wording - no browns or reds)

All donations must be smoke free and new.

For more information, please contact missions@riversprings.org with questions, outreach dates or to give donations.